Hugh Jackman Going To Star Wars!?


Hugh Jackman posted a picture on Instagram and the world lost its mind. Why? Because he said he was leaving Wolverine. And I mean, are you really that surprised? He’s done seven movies and will be close to 50 when he takes on the role again. He’s in ridiculous shape but maybe he’s tired with the character, maybe even with the franchise. Jennifer Lawrence seems bored with her role as Mystique (she looks almost uncomfortable) as she just announced a few weeks that she was leaving the franchise. And now, it seems Jackman’s following close behind her.

Just like how Robert Downy Jr. is crucial to The Avengers, Hugh Jackman’s instrumental to the X-Men. Without him, can the franchise really survive? They’re setting up a new team for the next generation with little known (MUCH younger) actors taking on the iconic characters. They’ll have to prove they can carry a billion dollar franchise without the help of Hollywood heavyweights Jackman and Lawrence. While they could kill of the character, Wolverine’s likely going to be recast with a younger actor in the role (like Tom Hardy).

As for Hugh Jackman, he’ll be fine post-Wolverine.The franchise needs him more than he needs the franchise. Jackman still has Pan on the horizon with a musical in development. He’s been a favorite on Broadway and could easily do a show there if he wanted. Last year, he hosted the Tony Awards to some success and gained critical acclaim this season by starring in the traumatic play The River. If he wants to stay behind the camera Jackman could star in a couple low budget Indie Films as he’s done with Chappie.

But the biggest opportunity he has by dropping Wolverine is that he could take on a new franchise. Yeah, he’s 46 but he’s in ridiculous shape. He doesn’t need the money but he could turn in a few paycheck gigs. What franchise could he take on? Some want him to be involved in Avatar which would be an easy world for him to slip into but most think he could sign on to Star Wars. Just think about it. He’d be perfect in the Star Wars universe. Recently he’s been taking on a lot of darker roles and we think he would be an incredible villain.

All we know is that he’s going to be fine after leaving X-Men. While it’s sad to see him leave the character, it’s exciting to think about what he could do in this next chapter of his career. While signing on to Star Wars seems unlikely, it’ll be nice to see him in small Indie films or on a New York stage. He’ll always be Wolverine to us, but it’ll be interesting to see him in a new light.


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