‘Fast and Furious 7’ Shows Diversity In Hollywood Works


Fast and Furious 7 was a major success that proved the franchise is changing the industry. Unlike most blockbusters, we’re seeing an ethnically diverse cast. And, more importantly, it paid off. In its opening weekend, the movie made $384 million worldwide (the fourth biggest weekend box office of all time). Domestically, the movie made an impressive $143.6 million in it’s opening weekend. In the US, a staggering 75% of its audience was non-white. Hispanics (the most frequent moviegoers in the country) made up for 37 percent of ticket sales, Caucasians accounting for 25 percent, African Americans with 24 percent, Asians with 10 percent, and other ethnicities with 4 percent. These reports indicate that diversifying movies will make you more money. It’s that simple. But this isn’t ‘diversifying’ movies, this is ‘normalizing’ movies. We need to reflect the real world on the big screen. That means having people up there that look like us. The numbers for Fast and Furious 7 show that audiences want their demographic represented in movies. Will Hollywood listen? If these numbers don’t tell them, we’ll shout. Because change needs to happen in the industry. We need to ‘normalize’ movies.


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