Batman V Superman TEASER TRAILER


We’ve been talking about a BVS trailer for months and it seems we’re about to get our hands on some real footage. There’s been rumors for months about when a teaser would premiere but this seems to be our best guess.

While most of the Internet thought it would come out in front of The Hobbit or Jupiter Ascending, it’s now April and we’ve got nothing except a few (epic) posters. Star Wars gave us a trailer back in November, which is more than a year away from the actual release date. We’re still pretty far out but BVS but for a movie that’s one of the most anticipated of all time, the marketing campaign should make sure they control the excitement.

All the footage is shot so, while editing the movie, they’re working on putting together a trailer. The question, though, becomes when this trailer will come out. Even though most people see the trailer online, most trailers are released to be put in front of big budget movies.

We think they’ll try and put it out before the summer movie season kicks off- it’s a quite time where everyone can really focus on the trailer. If it’s put out in the middle of July, it can’t get traction. It’ll only be in our minds for a couple days before something like Avengers: Age of Ultron or Jurassic World steals our attention.

That’s why putting it in front of Mad Max: Fury Road makes sense. It’s a Warner Brothers movie and it isn’t going to be an embarrassment (cough* cough* Jupiter Ascending). Mad Max is going to have crowds coming to see it and, generally, the same fan bases. It’s the right time to release it because in such a crowded summer movie season, it’ll get to breathe. It’ll get to be the topic of conversations for much longer.

It seems like the Internet is universally agreeing this is when we’ll be getting footage of BVS and if it’s not there won’t be disappointment, there’ll be outrage. We’re not just hungry for footage. We’re starving.


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