PIXELS Official Trailer + Review

Pixels would be an awesome movie if it had nothing to do with Adam Sandler or Kevin James. The two of them are so abysmally bad that it completely wrecks anything movie has going for it. To be honest, I absolutely love the visuals of this movie- the glowing video game characters look awesome. And those space shots looked like they cost a little bit of money- which for Adam Sandler is pretty impressive. And I like the plot, even if it’s a little bit of a stretch. I think it’s fun- video game characters trying to pixilate the world. I love the concept, like the plot, but hate the script. Simply put, it’s not funny. Kevin James is obnoxiously fake. He’s so bad in this movie that I hope it’s his last. What happened to the two of them? Both were doing well in endearing romantic comedies but then around 2008 everything turned for the worst and the two became the most hated comedians in Hollywood (deservedly). Adam Sandler put out so many movies that he saturated his own market. No one cares anymore that he’s coming out with a new flick because he comes out with about three a year. Adam Sandler is no longer funny- he’s just offensive (the scene with the inventor of Pac Man was just horrible). Maybe, Peter Dinklage can save this sinking ship. And if he doesn’t, that’d be a real shame because it might shut down his movie career right when it was getting started. Adam Sandler is taking a fun concept and ruining it by opening his mouth. It would be fun to have Ghostbusters with video games but it’s not working. This movie had so much potential, but it’s better off left on the cutting room floor. Sorry.


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