Okay so when you read the headline you were probably thinking, who the heck is Josh Gad and who the heck is LaFou. Trust me, the two are important. Josh Gad’s career has shot off. People took notice of him when he starred in The Book of Mormon, but he really became famous after stealing scenes as Olaf in Frozen. He has survived missteps in NBC’s abysmally bad 600 Penn, and is brave enough to go back to TV with a comedy co-starring Billy Crystal (a VERY safe bet). It’s safe to say his career’s on the upswing. This casting will just add to his impressive resume. It’s a small part for sure, but a fun one. LaFou is the slapstick comedic relief to the dark but grand story. The short guy plays the stupid sidekick to Gaston. Josh Gad seems born to play the role. I mean look at him- he basically is LaFou in real life. Disney, which loves him for his work in Frozen, must have noticed the uncanny resemblance and tapped him on the shoulder. Gad can play the role effortlessly- it’s the same type of role he did so well in for The Book of Mormon. Josh Gad is going to be hilarious without even trying in this role. He’s absolutely perfectly cast in the role and we think he’ll absolutely kill it. It looks like we have another to see Beauty and the Beast.


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