Emma Thompson Will Play Mrs. Potts In BEAUTY AND THE BEAST


Whoever’s casting this movie is absolutely killing it. The creative team is doing a perfect job of assembling a dream cast. Every actor or actress they announce is absolutely perfect for their respective role. This is no different. Emma Thompson will play Mrs. Potts. Tell me that isn’t perfect? Emma Thompson is an extremely talented actress on screen and on stage. She can easily play the part. And, she can actually sing. Angela Lansbury played the part in the animated movie and Emma Thompson is no stranger to taking on roles the Broadway actress created. A few year’s back Thompson played Mrs. Lovvet in a staging of Sweeney Todd and was absolutely brilliant. She’s obviously got the acting ability and she’s clearly got the pipes. We say she’s perfect. But wait, she’s playing a tea pot. Sure, it worked well in the animated movie but how are they going to pull it off in live-action? I don’t know about you, but to me Emma Thompson’s face slapped on a CGI porcelain cup is just a little creepy. And now that I think about it, there’s a tun of inanimate objects that becoming singing characters. How the heck is Disney going to pull that off? Oh well, I guess we can trust in Disney. They’ve gotten the live-action fairy tale down to a science. They reboot a female driven fairy tale with glamorous shots and a big budget. It’s a machine that just prints money for them (look at last week’s Cinderella). We’ve already bought our ticket after Emma Watson was cast as Belle but with every impressive star they add to the cast list, we’re all the more excited to go. Emma Thompson could be for this movie what Cate Blanchett was for Cinderella. If by some dark magic Emma Watson falls flat, Thompson can steal every scene. We’re ecstatic the beloved actress is playing the beloved role in the beloved animated movie. It just works.


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