TRON 3 On The Way!!!


Disney tried and failed to reboot the TRON franchise back in 2010, but it looks like they’ll try again. Tron: Legacy was a big budget spectacle. The visuals were insane- the story was a mess. It was nice to look at, but a three hour bore. It made a net profit of about $300 million- but critics shut down any chance of a sequel. It wasn’t necessarily a disaster but it was a disappointing attempt. We just assumed TRON 3 would never materialize but it looks like the franchise will keep going. According to a local news source, the movie’s set to shoot next fall with Garret Hedlund reprising his role. The stories continued on the small screen with the animated series TRON Uprising– which actually’s really good. It made Disney see there is something there- they just need to tap into it. We think TRON has a brilliant concept- it just needs to be executed. If they can take the impressive visuals of the sequel with a stronger story it could be really good. TRON: Legacy was beautiful but flawed. This next attempt they’ll have to be flawless to prove the franchise is worth saving. Disney’s has enough projects to print them money- they can’t keep working on TRON if there’s no reward. Here’s to hoping in their next attempt they can get it right.


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