TIM BURTON Directing Live Action DUMBO


Tim Burton created the genre and now he’s back in it’s Renaissance. After the spectacular numbers of Alice and Wonderland, Disney’s invested big in live-action fairy tales. Maleficent did well and Cinderella is expected to do better. Only three movies in, Disney’s green-lit FOUR live-action adaptations of it’s classic movies. Dumbo, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and Mullan are returning to the big screen with gritty but glossy retellings. Tim Burton, who directed Alice in Wonderland, is set to reimagine Dumbo– taking creative license where he sees fit. That’s where he scares us- while we loved the vision of AIW, the story was a little weak. Dumbo already has a beautiful story, why change it? Burton wants to have a boy parallel Dumbo’s story. Why? We don’t know!!! The elephant with big ears is touching enough- we don’t need a human to “ground” it in reality. I think Tim Burton will do wonders with the visuals- making the high-concept traveling circus a grande spectacle. I think he’s the perfect choice to add a darker element to the sad, dropping story. It’s not mystical like Alice but it could be something really interesting to watch. As long as Johnny Depp doesn’t play Dumbo, we’re excited for this reboot!!!


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