Disney’s confirmed what we already assumed, but that doesn’t mean were not ridiculously excited about it. Star Wars is becoming more and more of a cinematic universe- with a whole new direction for the incredibly lucrative franchise. Disney’s scrapped the trilogy format- Star Wars is going to become on continuous narrative. Like Marvel has phases Star Wars could be divided into trilogies, but the line is going to blur with stories crossing over. Star Wars will no longer even be one entity- it’s being split into individual franchises. Yesterday, at Disney’s annual press conference, we’ve got news that Rogue One is officially happening. The spin-off will star Oscar nominee Felicity Jones from The Theory of Everything, who we all knew would be the face of the franchise. We think she could be the next Carrie Fisher, and if not she’ll at least be better than Natalie Portman at playing the lead. People are looking to the comics to find out more about the story, but we think it could be a quirky, funny flick (a Guardians of the Galaxy). The movie’s coming May 2017, so expect The LEGO Movie to move (sorry about that, but this is Star Wars). The internet’s been ridiculously responsive, ecstatic that their getting more footage. Star Wars is mapping out a timeline that really solidifies it’s place in Hollywood. Disney is going to push Star Wars into the movie landscape for the next 15, 20 years. This isn’t just some concept in the distant future- this is really happening. Star Wars is here and it’s here to stay.


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