GHOSTBUSTERS Cinematic Universe with Channing Tatum!!!


I’m completely on board with an all-female Ghostbusters, but a cinematic universe is getting ahead of itself. I think the original movies were great- but do they really merit the same movie lineup as Star Wars or the Marvel? Absolutely not. I like the idea of rebooting Ghostbusters, but do it in moderation. I can see one coming out every three years- that’d be nice. Make four movies and call it a day. First and see how the world responds to it. If audiences have some epiphany and demand 18 more movies then go ahead, but let’s be realistic. The concept can not stretch to be a cinematic universe. Having said that, I can see having two teams of Ghostbusters. Make it not just a four team group but an entire agency. I’m not saying you have 18 different cast’s in different stories but have 2 teams that rival each other. We have a female heavy group so why not have a team with some men. Channing Tatum is thought to lead a team with Chris Pratt, which would be brilliant. The two can be funny and the two can be serious action stars. I think it’d be fun for them to compete with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy (I can totally see a romance between Tatum and Wiig). I’m not saying you make it some complex universe like executives are suggesting, but have a couple teams. I think it’s a fun idea to run with, if done right. Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Of course we are. But it’s interesting to see how Hollywood will revamp 80s nostalgia to be blockbuster heavyweights. Ghostbusters seems to be doing it right.


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