“Fifty Shades of Grey” Stars Want $10 Million Raise


Fifty Shades of Grey is becoming Fifty Shades of Green.  Dakota Johnson (whose a surprisingly good actress) and Jamie Dornan (whose as interesting to watch as cardboard) are both asking for seven digit raises for their next movie. They made a respective $250,000 for the first and are now asking for $10,000,000. That’s a pretty big jump, but when you look at how successful Fifty Shades of Grey was ($529 million to be exact), it doesn’t sound too absurd. Jennifer Lawrence did the same deal- she made $500,000 for the first Hunger Games and made $10 million for Catching Fire. The difference, though is that Johnson and Dornan aren’t Jennifer Lawrence. They aren’t the face of a franchise- people didn’t see Fifty Shades of Grey because of Johnson or Dornan, let’s be honest. Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award winner. She’s a supernova in Hollywood. She’s starring in two of the biggest franchises (THG and X-Men). She could have the audacity to ask for $10 million. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan don’t have that kind of weight. I mean, really, they should blame their agents. They’ve signed on to all three movies- as far as I know a bump in salary was never mentioned (something their agents should’ve demanded immediately). Their trapped with this deal and it’s their own fault. Studio executives might give $4 million to be nice but it’s absurd for Johnson and Dornan to expect $10 million for making a porno (that’s essentially what it is). The two have already signed on for Fifty Shades of Darker and Fifty Shades Freed and they should just be grateful to have this big break. Should they get a raise? Sure. Do they deserve $10 million? Absolutely not.


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