Dan Stevens took a risk by leaving Downton Abbey, but it’s a risk that’s finally paying off. It was an arrogant move- Stevens was the breakout star of the show and he just assumed a movie career was waiting for him. It’d didn’t work that way. It took Dan several year’s to find his footing, but now he’s standing strong. We thought Night at the Museum 3 would be the best he could get but we were proven drastically wrong. Despite talk that Ryan Gosling would take on the role, Stevens landed the biggest role of his career- the Beast. There’s been rumors online for months about who would play opposite Emma Watson and now we have our answer. I think Dan Stevens is incredibly talented but I’m not sure he’s has the right skill set for the role. It all depends on whether the beast is CGI or motion-capture. If it’s CGI, Stevens can easily take on the role with a regal but dark voice. But if it’s motion-capture, he’ll have a difficult time. Stevens isn’t Serkis. It’ll be a challenge to be a growling but endearing beast under animation’s makeup. But because Gosling was considered to play the part, I don’t think they’ll go with motion-capture. CGI is the safer choice even if it’s not the best choice (a motion-capture beast would be insane!!!). We think Dan Stevens is a surprising but logical choice to play the Beast. It’s not controversial, it’s sensible, which isn’t a bad thing.


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