“TOY STORY 4” Will Be A Romantic Comedy


Toy Story 4 isn’t going to focus on the relationship between toys and children. No, instead it’s going to be a romantic comedy featuring a whole new cast of characters. So why make another Toy Story!?!? The animated movies were perfect- it ended beautifully. Why mess with that to create a whole new concept for the franchise!?!? If it’s not going to be a continuation of the story with the same characters why even call it Toy Story? It’s is all happening in some microcosm, some alternate universe, where the toys aren’t self-aware. It’s basically a softer version of The LEGO Movie. I get that you need to make changes if you’re going to make a fourth movie, but this is going to be an entirely separate universe. Whatever happened to the girl at the end of Toy Story 3? I guess I just assumed they’d be having the next movie be about her adventures. The whole reason we loved the franchise was that it was about toys and their owners- now their not going to explore that. I’m fine with Pixar doing a romantic comedy, I think that’d be fun, but don’t use Toy Story as a way to sell it. Come up with a new world, don’t rely on past projects. If it weren’t for Inside Out I’d lose all faith in Pixar. Why can’t it just be a romantic comedy if the toys aren’t crucial to the actual story? The fourth film isn’t going to resemble the franchise so why slap it on to the end of the beloved trilogy?


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