MODERN FAMILY Airs Brilliant Screencast Episode

Modern Family has (controversially) won Best Comedy at the Emmy’s for more than half a decade. It’s a safe but still respected show that’s universal. Despite valiant efforts from smarter shows (like Girls and Veep), MF still steals the prize. This year, we thought it was time MF let another comedy get the grand prize- wrong! With one episode, they’ve locked their Emmy. “Connection Lost” was basically one long commercial for Apple iOS 8- and we absolutely loved it. The entire episode was a screencast of Claire’s laptop screen. She’d Facetime and Text other character’s (and hilariously surf the web). It was a logistical achievement that single handedly deserves the Emmy. It was clever, but more importantly, it pushed the boundaries of what you can do on TV. The brilliant concept was executed perfectly. It made you want to text and Facetime furiously like Claire (who’s oddly REALLY good at utilizing technology for a 40 year old mother). We loved it. Check it out on Hulu or Xfinity- it’s worth it. You don’t have to have watched Modern Family before to be impressed. We were and you’ll be too.  


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