Eddie Redmayne SEX-CHANGE In “A Danish Girl”


Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar last week and pretty much won next year’s award with this picture. There’s been talk that Redmayne could be the next Daniel Day Lewis, and I always thought the comparisons were absurd. But with his staggering performance in The Theory of Everything and taking the transformative role in A Danish Girl, it seems that comparison could be a fair assumption. Redmayne looks unrecognizable as Einar Wegener, the Danish artist who was one of the first people to undergo a sex change operation. It’s such a bold role to take post Oscars and one that will solidify his place as one of the greats. Transgender is a term (deservedly) getting attention and (deservedly) being accepted. This movie carries a strong message that should be heard by every generation. It’s a poignant movie wedged perfectly in our history- when we’re seeing a shift in society. Redmayne is losing himself in the role. We knew he was talented but we didn’t know he was talented on this level. There’s whispers of next year’s Oscar race (absurdly), and this picture has put him on the ballot. Eddie Redmayne may win consecutively, because his performances are incredibly profound consistently.


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