Why John Travolta Messed Up Idina Menzel’s Name!!!

A year later, John Travolta finally explains why he infamously botched Indina Menzel’s name. Adele Dazeem is now more famous than Idina Menzel, or at least on social media!!! Adele Dazeem now has three Twitter fan pages (with tens of thousands of followers), so it’s safe to say the name’s a celebrity in it’s own right. Sure, it was an embarrassing mistake, but it’s made Idina Menzel all the more famous. It’s been a year and Idina Menzel still can’t escape the name. In a fun turn of events, Menzel got her revenge at this year’s Oscars but let’s face it, Glom Gazingo doesn’t have quite the ring to it. John Travolta, being hilariously creepy, has since become one of the best parts of the Oscars. He tried to kiss Scarlett Johansson on the Red Carpet and then was grabbing Idina Menzel’s face enough to make everyone uncomfortable. I say bring him back every year! After the show, he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel where he finally answered the question we’d been dying to know for far too long. Take a look.


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