Parks and Recreation was a beautiful show. The comedy grew into cult classic. Characters became more important than the plot. Amy Poehler assembled a team of unknowns seven years ago that today are some of the biggest stars. Chris Pratt became blockbuster’s secret weapon, Aubrey Plaza Indie’s darling, Aziz Ansari stand-up’s little brother, and Retta Twitter’s best friend. Nick Offerman, type cast as Ron Swanson, has risen to cult status. The ratings were never extraordinary, but the show had a small and intense fan base. It was amazing to see such a cheap show develop into the glossy product it is today. What’s even more staggering is the turn it’s taken in Season 7. Jumping to 2017 was surprising but brilliant. While they’ve been playing with the idea the entire season, they’ve gone all out with the Finale. It follows every character 20, 30, sometimes 50 years later. It took the standard flash backs and flipped it with flash forwards. While at times, I thought they could’ve gone farther (with Jerry), I think each was really sweet. That was the heart of Parks and Recreation- sure it was hilarious, but it was also endearing. You genuinely cared about the characters. It was as honest as The Office and as absurd as 30 Rock. The show was always grounded, but when it went there, it went there. But what makes Parks stand out is that the other two shows dropped off- struggling to keep going. The Office was over two seasons before it went off the air (when Steve Carell left), and 30 Rock underwhelmed with jokes that fell flat in its last season. Parks and Rec never faltered- it’d been strong since Pilot. The finale was everything you wanted it to be and everything you hoped it could be. It wasn’t what we expected but it was a true send off. And we couldn’t have been happier to have been along for the ride.


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