James Bond SPECTRE First Look!

In two minutes, they’ve sold me a ticket. Sam Mendes makes me trust that the next installment will not only match the staggering success of Skyfall but do better. With the set up out of the way, we can just have fun. We’ve got look at some of the gorgeous settings- I love that Bond’s in the mountains. I think that, as Mendes promised, the story is going to be strong. A mystery is a new genre for the franchise that we’d love to see them tackle. It could be fascinating, or it could be confusing. What I think is absolutely brilliant is taking a look at Bond’s childhood. That concept alone will sell this movie. We’ve come to a new era of Bond and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The question is- will it last. Just when they’ve got the franchise up on it’s own two feet (finally), both Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig are expected to leave. It would really be a shame if, after such a successful reboot, they had to replace our Bond. I say sign these two on for the next three to four films just to make sure the franchise will keep going in the right direction. We love the aesthetic Mendes has created and the fresh take Craig has given the character. It’d be devastating to see them go. But what’s nice is that Bond is slowly evolving into an ensemble cast. We’ve got M and Q and so many others that are going to be constants throughout the next films. It’s almost like it’s sprouting into a cinematic universe. Okay, I won’t go that far, but it’s still a pretty exciting development. Bond is positioned right where we always wanted him to be- in the lime light. It’s time to keep the momentum from Skyfall and use that power to push James Bond into this incredible new phase. We’re excited. Are you?


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