AQUAMAN First Look!!!


Batman V Superman is becoming a landmark event. One the most anticipated movies of all time, the ad campaign is doing everything right. We still have more than a year to go until the actual movie is slapped on screens, yet it’s all anyone can ever talk about. This poster is just the thing to feed starving fans. We weren’t expecting it so it’s all the more epic. Jason Momoa looks epic in this incredible design. I love everything about it- truly. Zach Snyder has scrapped the orange and blue scaled cartoonish character to be this dark, gritty badass. His scales have become tattoos (brilliant) and now he’s bulked with steel (and gold) armor. The Hawaiian actor looks menacing in his shaggy locks- with a stone cold face that’s ready to kill. While he’s set to appear in two Justice League films and a stand alone in between, it looks like he’s ready for Batman V Superman. This glimpse at the stylized world of the DC Universe is stunning. It’s dark, gritty, and absolutely gorgeous.


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