“The LEGO Movie Sequel” Details


The LEGO Movie Sequel is officially coming- and yes, that’s the title. The movie that should’ve won the Oscar is getting it’s own franchise and we’ve got the details. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed and co-wrote the original, will be back to produce and co-write. While we hate that the pair won’t be back behind the camera- we’re glad they’re at least involved. Rob Schrab (whose worked on Community and Animal Hospital) will direct instead, which we’re actually really excited about. His off-beat humor is as unique and brilliant as the creators. But let’s keep in mind that this sequel isn’t coming until 2018- we’ve got a long time to wait. But we’ve still got spin-offs to keep us entertained. LEGO Ninjago is coming in 2016 and a Will Arnett LEGO Batman is slated for 2017.Of course, the other two flicks will really tell us if the franchise can keep it up but we think the LEGO Movies are going to be absolutely hilarious. They may not have an Oscar, but they have our attention. The LEGO Movie Sequel looks like it can be as brilliant and as unique as the original. And we don’t say that often.


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