The Downfall of DREAMWORKS

Best Animated Feature isn’t the biggest award but it was one of the most important. Dreamworks was depending on this Oscar after a disastrous year. The animation studio suffered abysmal box office grosses, resulting in entire divisions being cut. They have dozens of movies in the pipeline but not enough money to fund them. How To Train Your Dragon 2 wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was expect to win this year’s Oscar. It wasn’t suppose to, but it was expected to. The Lego Movie, despite all logic and reason, wasn’t nominated, when it should’ve won the prize on Sunday. Pixar, which has won the award for close to a decade, didn’t have a movie out in 2014. Nothing was standing in Dreamworks way. The studio needed a big win to prove to investor’s they still had hope. The company only has one Oscar for Shrek from fourteen years ago. This was the year that Dreamworks could finally add another golden statue to their empty shelf. But instead, Disney pulled through. Big Hero 6 was named the best animated film of the year. Somehow the sub-par film was given the most prestigious award in animation. It defied logic. Disney somehow was able to push a movie across the finish line that deserved to be last. It should’ve been HTTYD2 and far behind The Lego Movie. Dreamworks will have to find redemption without the help of an Oscar. Can they do it? If they can pull it through the next two years with solid grosses, they’ll be fine. But if they struggle, we might witness the downfall of Dreamworks. Their history could’ve changed all because of that single award. Now, it’s going to need to work harder than ever (without validation), to prove it deserves to be in the animation arena. Good luck!


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