Sound Editing VS Sound Mixing

Because we know you’re wondering, let’s talk about Sound Editing VS Sound Mixing- two categories debated every Oscars. There is a difference, despite what you’re ill-informed friend might whine. A sound editor creates the sounds in a movie while a sound mixer deals with what to do with that initial sound created. So, let’s say we’re working on a Michael Bay film. God knows half the movie is just explosions. The sound editor is the one that creates the sound- creates the explosions. The sound mixer is the one that decides when to use these explosions and at what volume. Whiplash didn’t win Best Sound Editing at the Oscars because the sound effects weren’t that unique (percussion), but it won Best Sound Mixing because they used the percussion in a unique way. That’s what it really get’s down too: the sound editor creates the sound while the sound mixer decides what to do with it. Tell that to your whining friend complaining they’re the same thing. They’re not! Now you know.


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