FROZEN FEVER Official Trailer!!!

Yes, we’re writing a review about a trailer for a short film before a movie don’t judge us! It has Frozen in the title so how can we not comment on it? The internet is certainly responding!!! Frozen Fever isn’t about the chilling blizzard of Winter but about Spring. The synopsis, about Elsa throwing a Birthday party for Elsa, is a standard for Disney but it’s a standard that’s always successful. The short for Tangled (preparing for a wedding) was a hit so expect the short for Frozen (preparing for a Birthday) to be even more successful. Sure, we haven’t got a sequel but at least we’ve got more footage…and a new song!!! Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez have written a new song for the short with Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad back voicing their famous characters. I like this new look for Elsa, who thankfully is not stuck in the same (now iconic) blue dress. This green gown is chilling in it’s own way- perfect for the cold character. We think this short looks fun. It’s sure to bring in fans to see Cinderella– which it’s playing in front of. It’s not a sequel, but it’s the next best thing.


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