“The Man from UNCLE” Official Trailer + Review

The Man from UNCLE looks stunning. Guy Ritchie is a classic cinematographer- everything about this film is beautiful. But while I love the director- I hate the script. Ritchie seems to be using the camera (with quick shots) to make this film seem smarter but at the end of the day, it isn’t. Henry Cavill (building a career outside of Superman) and Armie Hammer (rebuilding a career after a disastrous turn in Lone Ranger) are putting on weird accents, trying to hide what their actually saying. This movie would be perfect…with a better script. Ritchie has brought the gloss of suave but the screenwriters need to add sharp wit. From the strangely long trailer I really get nothing. I have no idea what the title means, let along what the film’s about. It seems like it could be the perfect mix between James Bond and Kingsman and the Secret Service if they worked just a little harder. The vague concept is there. The specifics aren’t. With film making, it’s all in the details. A film maker can’t make a bad script into a good movie. He can try, but it’ll be hard to pull off. I guess, we’ll see if he can.


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