FROZEN Coming to Broadway By 2017

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Frozen is a phenomenon- not a snow storm but a blizzard. Disney is basking in the glory of it all- careful not to drag down the infinite success of the franchise.

Thomas Schumacher, President of Disney Theatrics, thought he was in the clear after Aladdin- a show that’s doing surprisingly well. He thought the rough memories of Tarzan and The Little Mermaid were long behind him. It turns out, he still has everything to prove.

If done perfectly, Frozen could become one of the most lucrative shows on Broadway. It has the potential to be the next Lion King. Their doing absolutely everything in their power to reach the expectation. To make sure it’s done right, Disney’s bringing on some of the original creative team. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are set to write a few more songs to the musical (their already busy at work with ANOTHER Broadway show). Jennifer Lee, who co-directed and wrote the script, will pen the book for the musical.

After month’s of speculation, Alex Timber was officially picked to direct the production. While we thought Julie Taymor would’ve done wonders to the show, Timbers is a good choice. He’s been innovative with productions like Rocky, Peter and the Starcatchers, and Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson. We we’re afraid the musical would become a theme park attraction but that fear has been put to rest. Timbers has the acclaim to really tackle the monstrous show and add some artistry.

Although no theater’s been picked, Shumacher said we can expect Frozen to be on the Broadway stage in 2017. A winter premiere would make sense. No cast has been announced either, but SOME of the original voices could come for the production (we’re thinking Josh Gad and maybe Jonathan Groff).

Disney seems to be making the right first steps with the project. They have and need to be careful with how they continue. If one thing goes wrong, they’ll be a storm of ruthless comments. If they do it even remotely right, they’ll be met with unprecedented success.


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