Bradley Cooper: Rachel McAdams VS Emma Stone!? “Aloha”

Aloha has come out of nowhere- a pleasant, refreshing surprise. We haven’t heard too much about it, and now out of no where we’re getting a May release date. Yep, normally putting you’re first trailer out so late would destroy a movie’s box office. But no, not this one. It has an absurdly A-List cast- Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin, and John Krasinski (that’s a mouthful). All of them seem to vitalized beautifully. Cooper’s career has shifted from playing the sleazy to playing the genuinely likable. I think this might be one of the only movies with a true love triangle. I mean, no one really knows which one Cooper’ll chose. Emma Stone is perfect (as always) and Rachel McAdams continues to be Hollywood’s classic love interest. I’m genuinely curious which Cooper will end up with. The light comedy doesn’t seem funny but it seems…pleasant. I don’t know if this movie could survive without the star power pushing behind it. I’m excited to see it, though. It’s not some highly anticipated movie event that we’ve been talking about for months but it could be nice pleasant surprise.


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