REESE WITHERSPOON and SOFIA VERGARA “Hot Pursuit” Official Trailer + Review

Somehow something so strong on paper looks so weak in reality. Reese Witherspoon was suppose to have a McConaissance- she was going to get her Oscar for Wild and be audience’s favorite with the light-hearted comedy Hot Pursuit. The two projects would act as her new Walk the Line and Legally Blonde- two movies that made Witherspoon into the actress (and favorite) she is today. That’s how it was suppose to work. But come February, Witherspoon will walk home empty handed on Oscar night with just this movie to save her. I mean, she’s still Reese Witherspoon, but her career won’t be quite where she thought it’d be come 2016. Hot Pursuit is stupid in the worst way. It’s Identity Thief without edge. It’s soft and innocent, trying to be funny. It’s not. Sofia Vergara has comedy chops, if used in the right way. She’s best in absurd, larger-than-life characters. There’s nothing interesting about either characters and there’s no dynamic between the two. I love the people involved but hate the overused scenario. There must be a dozen comedies like it. I would love to see Witherspoon in a comedy. And I’d love to see Sofia Vergara by her side. But not in this movie. I might look forward to watching it on a plane but wouldn’t dare pay to see it in a theater. It isn’t cinematic- it’s not even an original movie. It’s not smart, it’s not sharp. At best, it’s forgettable.


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