TAYLOR SWIFT Preforming In 2016 SUPERBOWL!!!

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Taylor Swift just landed the 2016 Superbowl Half-Time Show…we think….we hope. I mean, sure, it’s not CONFIRMED but in an age where the internet is a tsunami of rumors why can’t we start a good one? Swift is at the top of her game, officially becoming Pop’s Princess. I mean were you alive in November? Swift’s album took the world by storm, with ludicrous sales. She jumped off Spodify and made bank. 1989 sold 4 million copies in 12 weeks. It beat out Frozen‘s album sales in two months (that’s saying something!!!). Taylor Swift would be the PERFECT singer for Superbowl 50. I know we’re still in love with Katy Perry’s performance but the NFL is already starting to negotiate with artists for next year. It’s Taylor Swift’s time so shouldn’t it be Taylor Swift’s turn- taking the stage in front of the biggest audience? She’d kill it! She has legions of fans and is respected by every generation. She has enough hits to last 12 minutes- she could bring along RUN-MDC if she needs some help. I mean who else could do it but her? Who else is bigger than her? The one thing stopping her, I guess, is Katy Perry. Usually, they like to put in a male performer in between two female driven performances (Bruno Mars was squeezed in between Beyonce and Katy Perry). But really, there’s not a male performer that has her power. Sam Smith is pretty hot right now but he doesn’t really have the resume. Usher could do it, but really we think Taylor should just get the gig. Taylor Swift is one of the most powerful people in the music industry. She deserves to nab the most powerful night in music. Don’t you think! Spread that rumor around. We might just get our wish granted.


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