Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Universe

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After months of speculation, it’s finally happening: Spider-Man will join the Marvel universe. Fans have been waiting for that sentence for years. While Sony will still retain the rights to the character, the web-slinger will appear in the Marvel cinematic universe in some capacity.

It’s too late for a cameo in the Age of Ultron (obviously) but we think he’d be the perfect end credits scene. I mean, now that I think about it, I wish they didn’t announce it today so that the big reveal could be at the end of the Avengers. I mean, how legendary would that be! I think that Peter Parker could easily slide into Marvel Civil War with a definite spot in Infinity Wars.

 The biggest question, though, is whether Andrew Garfield will keep the iconic suit. In our minds, he was perfect as the dorky but adorable Peter Parker. He wasn’t the problem with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the writing was. If they try and reboot the franchise, I don’t think I could sit through another origin story. I just want them to be in full swing- moving forward without looking back.

It’s staggering to see how much has changed. This time last year Sony was preparing to start an entire universe around Spidey- setting up a Sinister Six and Venom spin-offs. While we don’t know if those are still a go, we know that rebooting with a new Peter Parker would scrap the framework they’d laid out. If Garfield doesn’t return I want either a much younger or much older Peter Parker. I don’t want the same origin story- I want a fresh new spin on the character we know too much about.

Spidey joining the Marvel universe is a major deal- one that must have been a nightmare negotiating. Interestingly enough, this project will fall under the recently fired Amy Pascal’s new branch of Sony. It’s the perfect way to get her reputation cleaned up after disastrous e-mails leaked in December.

But I don’t care if this is just damage control- this is amazing. This is like the US and Cuba relaxing it’s relationship- Marvel and Sony could have an incredibly lucrative partnership on their hands. This is big. No, this is major. It’s one of the biggest movie announcements we’ve seen in the decade. We’re ready. Let’s go. But remember Marvel, with great power comes great responsibility.


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