“To Kill A Mockingbird” SEQUEL!!!


Harper Lee is publishing a sequel to arguably the greatest book ever written.

Go Set A Watchmen tells the same profound story of To Kill A Mockingbird from a different perspective (a different angle). Scout becomes much older, coming back to her hometown and reflecting on her childhood. The narrative is not from the innocent eyes of a child but instead the wise insight of an adult.

Go Set A Watchmen was written before To Kill A Mockinbird. Her publishers, after reading the manuscript, convinced Lee to write from a different viewpoint. Lee scrapped her draft and wrote the classic book that we know and love today.

Lee, who never wrote another book, was called about publishing Go Set A Watchmen after the manuscript was found in archives decades later. Lee was reluctant, as she should be, but was persuaded to release it. It’s expected to hit bookshelves in June (in front of the summer season) with about 2 million copies in it’s first edition.

As you would expect, every industry went wild with the shocking news. Everyone wants to get their hands on a copy. Producers are already working on a movie adaptation (although nothing is official) with practically every actress over 40 dying to play the leading role. We think it is impossible to recreate the magic of the original movie, but we say the same thing about writing a sequel. If Harper Lee can pull this off why can’t Hollywood? While nothing could touch the performances by Gregory Peck and Mary Badham, we could see Daniel Day Lewis and Juliane Moore as the older iterations of the classic characters.

To Kill A Mockingbird is iconic. Whether Go Set A Watchmen is incredible or unnecessary, it can’t tarnish the reputation of the untouchable original book. This is just a new chapter- an epilogue to the story that will forever live on. And apparently, go on.


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