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Seth Rogen can scrap up a decent comedy in a few months, already fast tracking a sequel to The Neighbors for next year. The mindless 2014 flick actually hit the mark- being hilarious, crude, and easily entertainingly.

The assembled cast all fit perfectly in their roles. Seth Rogen was softer and Zac Efron came off sharper. Efron, who’ll return to the movie, had a resurgence in his career (for a short time). He redeemed himself from The Lucky Ones by doing what he should be doing- not trashy romance flicks but trashy comedies.

We think that the story ended nicely, but think the story could be revisited. The first movie cost $18 million and made over $200. Clearly, the movie has the potential to be a franchise.

Screenwriters Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien are back, setting Seth Rogen and his family up against a sorority- enlisting former enemy Zac Efron to help solve the problem. We think this shakeup is the perfect set up. Rogen has never had a comedy focusing on women, depending on bros to help him at the box office. We think Rogen might need to be careful to not be sexist. We don’t expect the movie to be for women but we hope the movies isn’t attacking them. If they paint women in a negative light, the internet will be furious. Seth Rogen can win with controversy (The Interview) but it can’t win with sexism.

Shooting starts in the summer (after Rogen wraps as Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs biopic) with a release date set for next May. This means we’ll be getting a trailer by the Fall. With everything moving so quickly, we might not have time to think. I’ve already bought my ticket without a second thought.


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