Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling In BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

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When Emma Watson was cast in Disney’s live-action fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, the internet went berzerk. The news that the Harry Potter star would play Belle was one of the few casting announcements that can be called absolutely perfect. We envisioned her played the bookworm beauty since she first hit the scene. We can’t wait to see her dance in her iconic yellow ballgown, belting out the classic score. But while we have our Belle, we need our beast. And we might have the answer. Ryan Gosling was reportedly offered the role, with the creative team determined to land the actor in the role. He hasn’t accepted or rejected the offer, so it’s still on the table. He’s been busy, directing Lost River and starring in The Nice Guys, but we think he could (and should) make room to play the iconic role. We think a live-action beast could be hard to make likable. We think they need an actor who can brilliantly play with motion capturing to convey the sadness of the menacing beast. Last year, a French film did it beautifully so we expect Hollywood to do the same. Gosling might be able to it, and do it brilliantly. Beauty and the Beast could become a grand spectacle of catastrophic proportions. It’s taking it’s first steps.


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