Eddie Redmayne LOSES OSCAR Because of “Jupiter Ascending”


Eddie Redmayne needs to work in overdrive if he wants that Oscar. The young talent is so close, winning the Golden Globe and SAG Award for his breathtaking performance as Steven Hawking. His only competition is Michael Keaton, who transformed his career with Birdman.

Redmayne was predicted to take the win but his disastrous attachment to Jupiter Ascending could stop him. What’s so frustrating about this entire situation is the timing. Redmayne played the absurd villain in the space flick years ago. But after countless delays, the movie didn’t come out until this month (inconveniently close to the Academy Awards).

Julianne Moore is in somewhat of the same boat. While she’s almost guaranteed to win for her profound performance in Still Alice, her attachment to Seventh Son could take away her trophy. Moore filmed the movie years ago but, like Redmayne, the movie didn’t get a premiere until now.

Some say that these movies won’t hinder their chances but these people said the same thing about Norbit. Infamously, Eddie Murphy lost his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (for Dreamgirls) after the premiere of the disastrously terrible comedy (it was a failed attempt at duplicating Tyler Perry’s Madea).

Will Redmayne fall under the same fate? If he does lose come Sunday, we can’t put the fault completely on Jupiter Ascending. Michael Keaton’s performance is worthy of the award. The question is whether the Academy will vote for someone’s singular achievement (Redmayne) or their entire body of work (Keaton). The answer, we’re afraid, is likely the latter.


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