KATY PERRY Superbowl Show REVIEW!!!

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Katy Perry’s performance was shockingly brilliant while also being ridiculously absurd. It was fun and entertaining, which is more than we expected from the bubble gum pop princess. Perry, whose infamous for singing terrible live, surprised us all by getting each shrill note in pitch (in between shouts of “ARE YOU READY!?”). Compared to her other live performances (like the Grammy’s) we’d almost guess that she was lip syncing (sorry!!!!). But we can’t blame her because we don’t really care. The remixes of her songs (particularly “I Kissed a Girl”) were incredible. The concept for the concert was also impressive. She came out on a stunning sculpted lion, roaring down the 50 yard line. For “Dark Horse” she used incredible projections to make a chess board collapse and build up. There was also great graffiti art popping off the stage for Missy Elliot. But those costumes. The outfits single handedly ruined the performance. Her tacky fire suit and Missy Elliot’s cluttered get up were atrocious. They looked cheap and horrid. But nothing really matched the absurdity that was that beach scene. WHAT WAS HAPPENING! I was laughing so hard at the sharks singing along and the beach balls bobbing their heads. It looked like she was singing for a Disney Junior show. It was literally one of the most astonishingly stupid concepts I’ve ever heard. But then again, I was laughing the entire time. We would’ve gone for a legendary cotton candy/whip cream bash, but that was equally fun (and ridiculous). Her lift off for Fireworks was pretty sweet too while the actual fireworks took your breath away. Say what you will about Katy Perry- she’s entertaining. She was exciting- it’s as simple as that.


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