UNFRIENDED Official Trailer!!! Watch + Revievw

We get that to most, this seems like an absurd trashy horror flick, but we actually kind of are excited about it maybe. Sure, that wasn’t the most definitive sentence you’ve ever heard but that’s because we’re not sure this movie has a definitive narrative. Like one of the critics said, this is a new genre of horror. It’s brilliant but it’s untested- their swimming in unknown waters. They could float or they could sink. We hope it’s not the latter. Unfriended looks like a fascinating premise that deals with the new age of technology. It could be absolutely horrifying to watch. It also has this element of mystery (it seems like it could easily be sold to the Pretty Little Liars audience). The concept is a gimmick (and really not cinematic) but it could be fun. The one thing I worry about is that this shouldn’t be a supernatural film. It seems like something bigger is going on and I think that’s the wrong move. I think it should be home-grown, I think it should be the girl who is orchestrating this. But what do you think? Is it trash or could it just be a fun guilty pleasure?


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