TED 2 Teaser Trailer Review

Ted was crude hilarity, becoming one of the most successful comedies of all time. But after Seth Macfarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In the West failed on every front, comedy’s drunk uncle needs to convince us he’s still sharp. This trailer made us forget entirely about his past mistake while convincing us he deserves another shot. While we think Ted’s voice is WAY too similar to Peter Griffins, Seth Macfarlane slides right back into what he does best- voice acting. We even like his spin on rights- their way to add SOME depth to this otherwise mindless comedy. But hey, we love mindless comedies. We thought Ted was hilarious and think Ted 2 looks funny. Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seighfreid seem like the perfect addition (even though we wish Mila Kunis was with them). It pushes the boundary just enough to make you uncomfortable while also being endearing enough to make you smile.


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