FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Review!!!

When this trailer went online, there was a ripple across social media. It wasn’t a tsunami (like Star Wars), or a wave (like Jurassic Park) but this trailer did what it needed to do…apparently. The cast and crew needs to convince the public that a reboot for an abysmally bad two movies is worth revisiting. The awkward tone of the first two Fantastic Four movies should have closed the door for the franchise, but sure enough, Hollywood is doing all they can to reopen it. While we think the young cast of talented actors ( Miles Teller, Kate Maas, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordon) could do it, the special affects weigh them down. Technology is always changing, but this looks outdated for today, not tomorrow. Some scenic elements are so clearly green screen, that it becomes distracting. The computer lab and outer space looked absurdly fake. But when viewing it a couple times, you do get used to the style and tone. This teaser trailer does what it needs to do which is get people excited. Facebook feeds were flooded with the trailer of ecstatic fans hoping this could be the movie they wanted the first one to be.


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