Why You Should Start Watching GLEE

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If you are like me, you started watching Glee because at the time, it was a monstrous success. Oh how three seasons can change that. While the first season was brilliant (mainly because the first season was based on the writer’s movie screenplay), the story quickly crumbled to reveal a glossy but substance-less waste of time. But fear not! Their last season may not be successful, but it’s in some ways a return to what we once loved about the series. It had hit rock bottom Season Five with an entire episode devoted to dogs (we wish we weren’t serious) but the series seems to have taken a complete 180, or at least a complete 90. There is now more of a plot, giving structure to the vague concept. All the characters we love are back, each with a defined conflict. We’ve even got four new characters, two of them inspired by Sam Smith and Janelle Monae. But there are times in the 13 episode season that it falls off track- lacking a clear narrative. Episode 2 is by far in a way the best that’s been released but the other three aren’t too bad. Before the beloved (by some) show takes a bow, I’d (dare I say it) recommend checking in. It’s not as good as its first season but its close to it. Glee could end on a high (albeit pitchy) note.


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