Melissa McCarthy’s “SPY” Official Trailer!!!

Melissa McCarthy has banked in all of her success from Bridesmaids and has one shot left to keep her career on the upswing. After her breakout role, which got her an Oscar nom, McCarthy got five movies meant to build her into a undeniable star. But after taking on obnoxious roles, she’s become undeniably annoying. After Tammy was a disaster on every front, McCarthy knew she had used ever card in her hand- except one. Spy is her last chance to reinvigorate her career. She needs another Bridesmaids to last her another five bad movies. And Spy could very well be exactly what she needs. Directed by Paul Feig (comedy’s biggest star behind the camera), the movies clearly in good hands. He made her into the star she is today so he can do it again- make her into the star she needs to be to have a future. Feig seems to understand that she’s funny when she’s endearing- not when she’s annoying. The character she’s taking on now is much more relaxed. McCarthy isn’t trying so hard- or at least she’s trying not to look like she’s trying so hard. It seems decent to me and surprisingly hilarious to others. The internet loves the film. The trailer makes me think McCarthy could redeem herself- going back to what she does best.


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