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Despite expectations, John Krasinski was not the breakout star of The Office. While his costars Mindy Kailing and B.J. Novak (and obviously Steve Carell) made a name for themselves beyond the TV comedy, we all assumed Krasinski would have several projects lined up for him after the series finished filming. Instead, he stands in the shadows of his wife, Emily Blunt, whose deservedly getting recognition for her endearing performance in Into The Woods. Krasinski has made attempts at a film career, with missteps like Leatherheads and It’s Complicated, but hasn’t made strides. That is, until now. The actor just announced being cast in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours, which focuses on the events September 11th, 2012 when terrorists attacked the US Special Mission Compound in Benghazi. Krasinski apparently blew Michael Bay away in the audition, set to star. While we think Krasinski should get another shot at being a movie star, we don’t think Michael Bay should attempt to depict such a serious event. Bay does not have the talent to shed light on the tragic event. The movie is expected to premier in 2016, when Hillary Clinton is likely to run for President. With the topic clearly being a major argument against her, we think Bay should not add gasoline to the already roaring bonfire. We love Krasinski but hate Bay more. Which is a real shame because John deserves to be a star. And more importantly, that story needs to be told truthfully.


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