NETFLIX: The Future of Entertainment

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It’s official: Netflix is the future. Whether networks want to admit it or not they’ll have to give up or give in. The subscription based streaming site has never been bigger. The site tried to play well with other but after studies tried to pull their content (trying to weaken their biggest threat), Neflix started to fight back. When they announced that they were producing their own content, we were hesitant at first but after a flawless track record it’s clear that they’ve transformed the company and the industry. Series like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards have become SO good that networks have started to sweat. Tina Fey’s hugely anticipated comedy Unbreakble Kimmy Schmidt (starring Ellie Kemper from The Office) was originally slated for NBC until it got pulled for a midseason premiere on Netflix (a huge win). It’s also trying to kickstart the next Game of Thrones with Marco Polo, it’s most ambitious project to date. They’ve also got several Marvel series set up for this coming year, just further solidifying their strength as an outlet. With their TV empire in place, Netflix is branching off into unknown territory- the movie. The site has signed on with Adam Sandler for several new projects and Chelsea Handler for multiple stand up routines. They announced a sequel to the little known foreign film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Pee Wee Herman is also finally getting a movie. While studios can’t take these risks, Netflix is giving small demographics what they want. Their making content that would not otherwise get made (like the Pee Wee Herman movie and the Adam Sandler comedies). They are investing little in mild risks and its paying off BIG time. 2015 will be the definitive answer of the future. Netflix is giving us insight to the future of the industry. Entertainment will be forever changed because of it.


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