Michael Keaton, who has singularly reinvigorated his career in 2 hours, might return to the blockbusters that made him famous. Despite the profound message of Birdman, Keaton might turn back with dignity to the bursting budget special effect movies he ridiculed in his critically acclaimed meta film. The soon to be Oscar nominated actor will certainly bring a layer of gravitas to Skull Island (the sequel to Godzilla) and we think it might even be the right project to keep his career moving. The first installment was underwhelming but we think the sequel to work out the kinks to be the movie we all want it to be. Brian Kranston was not where he should have been in the movie but Keaton (an actor of similar caliber) could have a role that rally pushes him. Say what you will about the franchise, I admire that they are reaching for talent and not popularity. They are determined to meld the blockbuster and the critically acclaimed and I think the way to do that is by bringing on a talent, not A-Listers. It would be easy for this film to be stamped by Michael Bay trash but instead they are really trying to make the film powerful. This would be big news for Keaton, and big news for the movie. I think it’s the perfect next step in making the blockbuster and the critically acclaimed one.


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