“Batman V. Superman” Trailer Coming Out!!!

We still have over a year before the movie comes out, but BVS teaser trailer will find its way to theaters in the coming weeks. The highly anticipated sneak peek is rumored to play in front of Jupiter Ascending- the troubled space project struggling to find an audience. Well that problem is now solved…for a little while. Launching this trailer before the film is going make the desperate see JA but I doubt that it will get the kind of attention that Star Wars had. Similar to when The Hunger Games: Mocking Part 1 tried to release their trailer only in Best Buys, this marketing attempt seems underwhelming. While JA doesn’t come out until February, this announcement needs to be all over social media. The week before the Star Wars trailer came out Twitter was on fire. When it came out everyone was adding their comments from YouTube to TV Networks. If you turned on your computer or your TV, you knew about it. But this BVS idea just won’t sell me. DC will take down any bootlegged copy on YouTube but I think I’d just wait it out until an official trailer comes out online. I’m not going to drag myself to the movies and pay $16.00 to watch two minutes of footage. It might get some people but it won’t get me. Will it get you?


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