Yikes! Idina Menzel BOTCHES “Let It Go”

Right when you think Idina Menzel would fade from the spotlight, the internet explodes. Second to Adele Dazeem, her New Year’s Eve performance became infamous in seconds. Over the past year the Broadway star has become a house hold name thanks to you’re five your old kids screaming “Let It Go” at any opportunity. And although she’s been promoting her latest album (Holiday Wishes) on every daytime talk show known to man, she’s making headlines for this unfortunate performance. Just minutes before the year ended Menzel sang (erm…screeched) “Let It Go” in Times Square in the blistering cold. Ten second of awkward and hilarious seconds ensued. For a Broadway performer, you’d think she’d have the strength to perform live but Mother Nature had a different idea. Take a look.


One comment

  1. stillabitlikeababy · January 10, 2015

    I love Idina Menzel, and I totally understand this performance. As a vocalist I know that it’s practically impossible to sound amazing every time you sing. I feel like everyone is over reacting to this one instance and needs to, oh, i don’t know ‘let it go’! It’s been nine days, can no one get over it?

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