“The Interview” Movie REVIEW!!!

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The Interview is STOMPING on thin ice. The brilliant premise could have literally started World III, so obviously I was excited to see arguably the most controversial film in history. And at some points it’s everything you want it to be and at times it’s tragically disappointing. James Franco, who I once thought was frustratingly overrated, was hysterical with every line. Seth Rogen was unsurprisingly the same as always (he’s funny in that sloppy adorable way). There are some great lines and some ABSURD scenarios. They took it too far in random scenes (the finger biting) but held back in obvious places. While they were sometimes funny, the scenes with Kim Jong Un were underwhelming. I wanted Seth MacFarlane to bring the horribly offensive lines he’s famous for in those scenes. Instead we get Seth Rogen trying to add an “emotional” layer to a film (like Kim’s father). In the end we don’t want “emotional” we want complete stupidity. It was bold but not daring. It was ambitious but they took it to the extreme in all the wrong places. It was building to be hysterical but I left deflated. It was a good film- it was funny. But the shock value already hits you before the movie starts. Which is a shame. The movie was controversial in it’s synopsis but not in it’s script. The film is easily the most ambitious movie ever made even if it’s not the funniest. But that’s good enough.



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