“Into The Woods” Movie REVIEW!!!

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Into The Woods is absolutely brilliant in all its glory. The wordy musical is thought provoking while being entertaining all the same. The interconnected fairy tales unraveling is fascinating to watch. Stephen Sondheim’s score is musical theater at it’s best. The strong star-studded cast bring life the tale beautifully. Emily Blunt is shockingly endearing as the Baker’s Wife while James Corden is a natural fit for the Baker. Meryl Streep, a force of acting, is much better in a musical this time around. She’s creepy with a rough voice that works (even if it’s not close to Bernadette Peter’s untouchable performance as the Witch). Anna Kendricks is great as Cinderella but Chris Pine is surprisingly hilarious as the arrogant Prince. The sweet Lilla Crawford (Little Red) pairs perfectly with Daniel Huttlestone (Jack), both with pipes that rival their co-stars. Johnny Depp is good in his cameo as the Wolf, Tracy Ullman is incredible as Jack’s vicious mother, but Christine Baranski is surprisingly flat as Cinderella’s vicious mother. The whimsical musical is witty if nothing else. Rob Marshall, the masterfull director, can say he has another success on his hands. Into The Woods is everything you want it to be. Into The Woods is perfect.


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