“The River” A Massive Hit


In less than two months The River recouped it’s $3.2 million capitalization because of two words: Hugh Jackman. Yes for all the angry “why are there only Hollywood stars on Broadway?” the answer is simple: money…and sometimes talent. Yes Jackman is one of those rare celebrities who can star in a blockbuster superhero movie that makes $233 million AND carry a show in a hundred seat theater. Yes the dialogue driven show is brilliant but it’s on Broadway because of those two words: Hugh Jackman. But that’s not a complaint. Jackman is profound in the role and deserves to be there. When we get mad is when a show slaps on a talentless celebrity to their marquee and make millions (AKA Chicago). But The River is different- Hugh Jackman got there because of his popularity but also because of his ability. This is a success in it’s own right- the script is brilliant and the performances are raw and natural. And because of it, the shows a hit (a rare thing to say for a play). Ever since its opening it’s been at 100% capacity, something unheard of for any show on Broadway that’s not called The Lion King or Wicked. So congratulations. You deserve this.


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