“True Story” Trailer Talk!!!

Okay so we knew Jonah Hill could be natural in any character (two Oscar nominations have proved it) but as he takes center stage it’s never been more clear. His ability to be hilarious and endearing has made him Hollywood’s surprising underestimated talent. Until now. With this movie alone, Jonah Hill will prove while he’s a comedian, he’s an equally strong actor- both sides of him could be their own career. He’s no longer a comedian who does dramas. What’s even more delightfully surprising is how he’s stolen scenes from James Franco-  a dramatic actor who does comedies. This chilling role should be the focus but with Franco it seems over the top. Yes, Jonah Hill find artistry in the subtlety. He’s honest. He’s believable. True Story reaffirms our respect for him. It’s an interesting story- while grey and slow it’s a mystery we want to figure out.


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