The Breakout Star of 2014 Is…


Chris Pratt. Yes, we know he’s been on the scene for years, stealing scenes on Parks and Rec as the adorably stupid Andy Dwyer, but it was 2014 that catapulted him to superstardom. The actor has been plastered on every magazine cover as a star to watch but now he truly is one. He voiced the lead in The Lego Movie (which is now a favorite to win Best Animated Movie at the Oscars) and Guardians of the Galaxy (declared by many to be the best Marvel movie to date). But what makes his career one to watch is that it’s only just beginning. He has sequels to TLM and GOTG, but he’s also set to star in the highly anticipated Jurassic World. Of course it too soon to tell, but if his track record means anything, he might be one of the only stars to manage such major franchises. He is the new Harrison Ford as Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy aim to be the next Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He’s been everywhere, and if you don’t know him by now you’ll know him soon. Chris Pratt, in every way possible, is killing it.


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