“Cinderella” A Grand Spectacle!!!

Cinderella is a grande spectacle, rich, elegant, glittering, gritty, glossy. It’s near perfect. It’s takes you away to a magical place of wonder and awe. It’s sophisticated yet it’s innocent. The talented cast brings a realism to the light project. The biggest but only problem I have are the wigs. Yes, the wigs. Something that seems so insignificant is making me cringe. While it may be the style of the period, I loath the shapes of the hair- particularly Cinderlla’s in the iconic ball gown. I think it should stay with the animated movie’s classic style- up and curved. The same goes for Cate Blanchett’s Evil Step Mother- why is she ginger? She looks like she’d fit in in 1920s Hollywood. The red isn’t menacing it’s just awkward. I think a grey or black would be sharper (same goes for the step sisters frizzy red). The Fairy God Mother (played with effort by Helena Boham Carter), while perfect at the end looks like a poor CGI character from The Polar Express as the old hag. But these small comments really are that- small. The rest of the film looks like one beautiful waltz of emotions.


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